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Grane Connect is your Home Care Call Button

Grane Connect allows Grane At Home recipients to connect to us any time of the day or night. Grane Connect assists with supportive tasks from answering questions to providing a streamlined emergency response. Any reason, anytime, help is available at the push of a button.
What are the benefits of Grane Connect?
Individualized transition care support across various care settings. The service may be utilized for all situations, not just emergencies 24/7 care center with customized protocols specific to meet your needs. In the event of an emergency, our care center relays critical information to first responders, connecting you to your health care agency, physician, family, a friend, or 911 Grane Connect provides an added sense of security knowing 24/7 help is only a button push away!
Reasons to press your Grane Connect call button:
  • Questions regarding hospital discharge instructions
  • Follow up on physician’s visits
  • Medication questions on new or existing prescriptions
  • Inquiries on your next scheduled home visit
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Inquiries to your primary care physician
Medication Management Support
  • Connects you to the pharmacy for medication-related inquires
  • Provides customized medication reminder calls from your Grane Connect representative
  • Grane Connect can be programed to alert ongoing reminders, like an alarm clock
Contact Grane At Home today and learn more about Grane Connect. 844-338-8087

Maintain your independence at home and contact Grane At Home today!

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